In the past, lots of research has been already done to analyze wireless networks and distributed networks. Then why we need to do the analysis of wireless networks at regular intervals? This is a very important and fundamental question for any wireless networks research. This is the key and motivating question to my research work. In my opinion, the following factors are the main reasons to carry further research in wireless networks.

  • New technologies are emerging (ex. New physical layer technique)
  • New applications/demands are surfing (ex. Home networking, Body area networking )
  • To provide new solutions to our ever demanding QoS hunger. (ex. More Data rate)
  • To increase our knowledge horizon for next-generation networks (ex. Ubiquitous technology)

So, my research works mainly involve the performance analysis of wireless networks and design the new solutions for the same. I am a firm believer in collaborative research as collaboration often brings in new perspectives to address research problems from new angles and helps to produce high-quality research as well.

Along with my traditional research, I have been working on industrial and product-based research where I am focusing on developing products based on RFID/IoT/AI technologies. Recently, I  am also focusing on education technology and the development of new tools for the same, for example, remote lab facility, automated quizzes, etc.

Research Areas:

  • Designing and Performance Analysis of Wireless Networks
  • RFID, IoT, and IoE Technology
  • Game Theory
  • Education Technology and Gamification