YEAR 2018-19


Seminar Project

“SUPERWEAR,” by Mr. Hannan Satopay under the guidance of Prof.Saurabh Mehta.

Abstract:  The technology advancement that we are seeing today has the ability to provide much more benefits in wide variety of ways. A lot many of this technology has been explored but for some technology such as an accelerometer, we have only touched the base. A lot of data is available through the accelerometer and this data can help in changing the life’s of many people. In this report, a system is proposed that take benefits of the data provided by the accelerometer to give actionable information related to three major areas – sleep monitoring, posture monitoring and pedometer. These three areas have major role to play in an individual’s health and lifestyle. Consider work or home, young or mature, everyone can make use of this information and make data-driven decisions. At the same time the prototype allows the device to be connected to the world wide web giving the live time feedback and update so that any decision which will be made will be through the real-time data. Along with these three major areas, supplementary features such as temperature monitoring and custom alarm have also been added to showcase the capability that such a technology can provide thanks to the modular approach that is being followed. In the end, through performing testing, it comes to the conclusion that such a system is feasible and the data it provides is fairly accurate and can help an individual improve his/her lifestyle.

Dissertation Project

“ULTRAWEAR – Wearable computing enablement for Smart Healthcare, Smart Fitness & Smart Sports,” by Mr. Hannan Satopay under the guidance of Prof.Saurabh Mehta. The project has also received funding of 40,000 INR from the Mumbai University.

Abstract:  UltraWear is a one of a kind and seamless approach that enables the common individual to utilize the Smart Technology for their healthcare, fitness and sports activities. It follows an integrated and hybrid approach, complementing on the traditional methodologies to allow an individual to progress and realize their potentials and stay healthy and informed on-the-go. The project is the first step towards creating a Smart Individual allowing for every citizen to have the right to proper healthcare, coaching, and feedback. It is the necessary step for opening a completely new era where the transition happens from connected objects to connected individuals.