NS-2 Modules

Analysis of Data Traffic using different Routing Protocols (Codes)

Performance Analysis of Improved DSR Protocol in MANET Mobility and Non-Mobility (Codes)

Performance Analysis of VOIP Codec’s over WLAN (Codes)

QOS control Approaches of VOIP Codec’s over WLAN (Codes)

IoT & Embedded Systems

“Designing and Implementation of IoT,” Prepared by Ms.Michelle D’Souza and Ms.Prashasti Sar under the guidance of Prof.Saurabh Mehta (Course Material)

AWSN Practicals  (View)

RFID based baggage anti-theft system in Airport (Codes)

IOT Based Waste Management (Codes)

Ecosensor (Codes)

Smart Life: A Modular Approach (Codes) (Project)