I, Prof.Dr.Saurabh N. Mehta, have more than 16 years of professional, research, and teaching experience in wireless system development altogether. I am currently working as a chief academic officer and professor at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai. Where, I am responsible for integrating academic and industry collaboration, research program, planning, and educational training for the Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai. I have earned my B.E., M.S., and PhD. degrees in Electronics Engineering from Mumbai University, Mumbai, India, Ajou University, South Korea, and Inha University, South Korea, in 2002, 2005, and 2011, respectively. My research interests are in the area of Wireless Networks, RFID/IoT/IoE Technology, Ubiquitous Computing, Game Theory, and Educational Technology. I am also working as an independent consultant in the area of Embedded System, wireless technology, education, and technical market research. Besides technology I love to spend my time watching movies and reading books.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Pursuing MBA from YCMOU, India (August 2018~)
  • M.A. in Literature (Gujarati), Mumbai University,India (2015)
  • Ph.D. in Wireless Networks from Inha University,South Korea (2011)
  • M.S. in Electronics Engineering from Ajou University,South Korea (2005)
  • Diploma in Business Management, Welingkar Institute of Management, India (2003)
  • B.E. In Electronics Engineering from Mumbai University,India (2002)

Research & Teaching Positions:

  • Professor and Chief Academic Officer ( Dec 2018~)
  • Professor at VIT,India (Dec 2017~Nov 2018)
  • Professor and HOD at VIT,India (Jul 2016~Nov 2017)
  • Associate Professor and HOD at VIT,India ( Jun 2014,-Jun 2016)
  • Associate Professor and Lab-In charge at VIT,India ( Jun 2012~Jun 2016)
  • Associate Professor at VIT,India (Nov 2011~Jun 2016)
  • Visiting faculty at Terna Engineering College,India (Aug 2011~Oct 2011, Aug 2013~Nov 2013)
  • Visiting faculty at Pandharpur Engineering College,India (July 2011~Feb 2012)
  • Research Associate at Wireless Communications Research Lab,Inha University,South Korea (Nov 2006~Mar 2011)
  • Research Associate at the Computer Science Department of University of Lugano,Switzerland (Sep 2005~Aug 2006)
  • Research and teaching assistant at Ajou University,South Korea, (Sep 2003-Aug 2005)
  • Teaching faculty for higher secondary school in Abhinav Academy (4 Months, 2003)

Industrial Positions:

  • Technical Consultant for Digital Dojo Pvt. Ltd.,India (Jan 2018~)
  • Technical Consultant for Silkflex  Pvt. Ltd.,India ( Dec 2017~)
  • Co-Founder Trustee, Mumbai Gujarati Sangathan, NGO, Mumbai, India (Dec 2017~)
  • Technical Consultant for Enartech Pvt.Ltd.,India-Singapore ( Sep 2016~)
  • Technical Consultant for Global Power Source Pvt. Ltd.,India (Aug 2013~)
  • R & D Director for Global Power Source Pvt. Ltd.,India (Nov 2010~Oct 2011)
  • Technical Consultant for Barnet & Company, South Korea (Nov 2006~Mar 2017)
  • Hyosung Corporation as an Intern, South Korea (3 Months, 2010)
  • Senior Service Engineer for Global Power Source Pvt. Ltd.,India (Sep 05~Oct 2006)
  • After sales service engineer at M/S Vinit EnterprisePvt. Ltd.,India (Aug 02~Feb 03)